Chef's Daily Additions

Soup of the Day
Ham & Bean

Seasonal Salad  (listed on our special sheet)
Fuji Apples, Danish Blue Cheese and Toasted Hazelnuts over Mixed Greens with Sweet Vinaigrette

Clam Strips  $7.00
Deep Fried served with Tarter and Cocktail Sauce

Lamb Sliders  $9.00
Served with Tzatziki Sauce

Calamari  $9.00
Crispy Fried Served with Lemon Aioli

Kobe Beef Dog  $9.00
Naan wrapped, Bacon and Cheese, Served with Fries


Ahi Tuna Fish & Chips  $18.00
Panko Breaded and deep fried

Fresh Pacific Halibut  $28.00
Broiled, Topped with Green Curry Coconut Sauce $28

NY Steak Kebab  $19.00
Choice New York, Skewered with Vegetables, Marinated in Ginger, Soy, Rice Vinegar topped with Vietnamese Fire Oil

Choice Steak Salad  $18.00
Cooked To Your Specifications Served Over Choice Salad

Spinner’s Special Thursday Night Cocktails

Tropical Martini  $5.00
Captain Morgan, Malibu Coconut Rum, Fresh Lime, Pineapple Juice with Cherry Garnish

Margarita  $5.00
Blended or Over Ice

Spinner's Special Thursday Night Dessert

N.Y. Cheesecake  $4.00
With Choice of Raspberry, Chocolate or Butterscotch Drizzle

1/2 Price on all Bottles of Wine!